The Daimler Motor Company was a British motor vehicle manufacturer founded by H J Lawson in 1896, who obtained the rights to use the Daimler name from its German ownership.

Daimler had a glittering career of manufacturing the finest quality vehicles, especially cars & limousines and as early as the 1920's formed a relationship with AEC to move more significantly into the commercial vehicle market with which it had been active since 1911.  The mainstays of early chassis production was the CO series followed by the wartime CW and postwar CV series most of which had Daimler engines and advanced gearboxes.  However it was the CR series (named the Fleetline) that became the company's most important vehicle being in production from 1960 for twenty years.

Daimler was merged with BSA who sold the company to Jaguar in 1960; thus it later became part of British Leyland.  Now de-merged it remains a brand name of Jaguar.



This Daimler Charabanc UH 2880 is one of two with UH 2879 Daimler CK new to CJ Vincent of Cardiff in May 1927. Information from John Bennett.

Tim Harding of the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society believes this is probably a Daimler but maybe an AEC.  Any further ideas?