British United Traction (B.U.T.)

British United Traction (B.U.T.) was formed in 1946 upon the amalgamation of the trolleybus building activities of both A.E.C & Leyland.  It continued production until about 1964.

This is a B.U.T. single-deck trolley bus with PRV bodywork (Body Nos. B34476-84). The first of nine delivered to Montevideo, Uruguay in 1950/51.  This might have been exhibited at the 1950 Motor Show.

(Information courtesy of Martin Ingle.)

B.U.T. built diesel engines (rebranded AEC) for railcars. Here this PRV bodied prototype (79742), with its AEC underframe and BUT/AEC engine, is seen at Watford Junction.  Whereas the earlier PRV bodied GWR railcars became affectionately known as "the Flying Bananas" these BUT/AEC/PRV units gained the less attractive nickname of "the Flying Bricks"; and the reason does seem obvious (see more in the Railbuses pages).