AEC Regent I

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This AEC Regent I (BOR 767) with Park Royal H30/26R body has been preserved by David Whittaker who kindly sent in these images.  Built in 1936 the first image above is that taken by AEC/PRC's official photographers (Bowers) prior to delivery to Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Company Limited, September 18th 1936 as Fleet Name/Number Provincial 35.  

Please visit for the full story.  Many more preserved buses can be found at The Provincial Society's excellent website.  

(Note: The Park Royal Vehicles emblem is a fine image but there's an issue. In 1936 PRV was PRC (Park Royal Coachworks); it did not become the public company PRV until October 1946 [see History]. Incidentally, the 'sedan chair' emblem was originally designed for Hall Lewis and merely updated with the name Park Royal Coachworks and latterly Vehicles, the centralised words always being 'COACHBUILDERS PARK ROYAL. LONDON. NW10.' Ed. See further explanation below.)  

David Whittaker writes: When I bought the bus in 1969 I was determined to put her, as near as possible back to original 1936 condition. I contacted Park Royal and they were good enough to provide the last two emblem transfers in stock. I knew where the transfers should be, one on the platform staircase and one on each battery cover. When the bus was painted these two were applied. It's quite correct that these transfers are of the later name but were the nearest available.  The bus has since been repainted but it has proved possible to save the PRV transfers as they are now.  When rubbing down the paintwork some years ago I rediscovered the original PRC emblem on the second battery cover. Sadly, it was no longer perfect so it was simply painted over again - but it's still there!  Incidentally, I have since found the correct design for the PSV licence plate and hope one day to show one in the correct position on the rear of the bus.  

Four Park Royal bodied Regents (numbers B4408-11 registered BOR 766-9) were delivered with the more robust teak framing that contributed to these vehicles' service longevity (30 years).  BOR 767 is however the only survivor of the initial delivery.  Twelve similar vehicles were delivered to Provincial, the last in March 1940.  

Update: David is trying to research any information about buses for other companies which bought this design (H30/26R) between 1933 and 1938 (or Provincial 1940). Apparently Oxford had some and possibly Halifax. Can anyone help? Ed.