AEC Mammoth

During the late 1950's Park Royal produced cabs and some trailers for various AEC chassis at volume production rates.  The AEC Mammoth was classed as a G Series Heavyweight vehicle.  The Mammoth Major truck came in a six or eight wheel configuration. 

Here is an example of a fibre-glass cab on an AEC Mammoth Major chassis.

Stephen Gray points out that this Express Dairy Mammoth Major 8 Mark 5 makes an interesting comparison to the Maudslay Mandator in terms of the detail differences that he has highlighted in the Mandator page.  Not withstanding what an excellent vehicle this tanker was!

And another trailer for extremely important, mission critical and precious loads.

Stephen Gray writes:  These are probably an early production Mark 5 cab.  The purpose of these images is ostensibly to show the PRV content of the structure.  Studying the cab all the panel work in white is PRV opposed to the darker panels which would have been assembled at AEC Southall on the production line in the form of cab floor, inner and outer front scuttle and wings.  PRV would have also built the seats and doors, fitted the lighting, instruments and trim.  The AEC part number for the complete cab structure was Q248A.  This cab was only offered on the G Series Heavyweight range which incorporated Mammoth & Mandator models.