H.B.H. - Shooting Brakes

During the H.B.H period my father, being a carpenter by trade, modified some Citroen and Riley cars to shooting brakes.  I have no idea as to how many of these vehicles were produced nor whether they were "sold" to individuals or built for other suppliers; but it was clearly a sideline to their caravan building operation.  Although they were evidently particularly proud of the vehicle as, unlike the other photographs, these were professionally produced by Charles Darg.

The following photographs were taken outside the church of St John The Baptist at the top end of Royal Lane where it joins the Uxbridge Road at Hillingdon.

 I had previously mistakenly attributed the original of this vehicle as a Citroen, however I am grateful to Colin Peck of the Woodie Car Club for his advice that the car is in fact a Riley RM (either a 1.5 or 2.5 litre).  Colin states that it is a very unusual car and I would advise the reader to visit the excellent Woodie Car Club site for more information on these types of vehicle.

Amazingly, as a result of both the efforts of Colin Peck of the Woodie Car Club and Alec Gatherer of the Riley RM Car Club, it would appear that an H.B.H Shooting Brake, almost identical to the one above, has been discovered in Essex.  The owner has kindly offered to allow me to visit but due to personal circumstances I haven't had the opportunity to do so as yet.  As soon as it is possible I shall hopefully be able to travel to Essex and see for myself.  More information sometime soon.