Hayward, Biggs & Hill - Miscellany

In 1947 Alfred Hill (my father) left Park Royal Vehicles, along with two other colleagues (Percy Hayward & Freddy Biggs), to set up a company to design and manufacture caravans.  They made several models (please see the Products & Works Pages).  My father also modified cars to convert them to "Shooting Brakes".

 Cover of HBH Memorandum & Articles of Association! 

My father's share certificate!

My father's business card! 

Freddy Biggs business card 

(I have not found one for Percy Hayward).

HBH advertised in the Commercial Motor magazine. In the 29th October 1948 issue in the classified adverts section under 'Bodies'; the advert reads:


H. B.H.   (COACHBUILDERS),     Ltd.,     for     quick
 deliveries  of   all  classes  of   bodywork.   Inquiries

invited.     Prompt   attention.     Registered Office. 49 Alder

Grove,      N.W.2       Gla    7087    Works:     Royal    Lane,
Hillingdon.       Uxbridge   2256.    Ext. 3.

The same advertisement appeared in the November 19th & 26th issues, with the last one appearing December 3rd.

As these advertisements offer "deliveries of all classes of bodywork" it would seem that their order book for caravans was poor and they were keen to search for any other business opportunities.  Due to the scarcity of parts just after WW2 and also complaints from neighbouring houses about noise at their Hillingdon site, they were forced to close; but I think a severe lack of work finally secured their fate and I doubt therefore they spent much time researching alternative premises.  H.B.H. had shut by January 1949 and my father had returned to Park Royal, which was seemingly short of staff, by February 7th.

My father's letter of offer to return to PRV for a salary of 10 per week.  Dated January 21st 1949 the letter agrees a start date of February 7th but urges a start date a week earlier on January 31st. Which he took I do not know but this fact suggests PRV were desperate for designers.


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