H.B.H. - Caravans

I do not know how many models of caravan were produced by H.B.H, but I can attest the fact that, apart from the "Emperor" caravan and those shown below, there was at least one more model.  When H.B.H ceased trading I guess that the partners split the remaining unsold caravans between themselves as my father took two identical caravans, both of which were then located at Rose Green Caravan Camp, Bognor Regis.  One became our holiday home and the other he eventually sold to a colleague in the PRV drawing office.

The caravans located at Bognor were certainly a derivative of the Series 1 as they were almost identical except that the double berth was at the towing end (the door therefore being to the front of the wheel arch).

 Advertisement for the Series 1. 

A more plain version of the Series 1, as the model advertised above was too expensive. 

Don't know this caravan's type.  

  A stylish caravan pictured in Alder Grove London NW2 circa 1947. 

Internal pictures of the above caravan. Note the coal-burning stove housed between wood paneling!