London Transport Museum Depot

March 2008

The London Transport Museum has a depot at Acton, West London where it houses the museum's huge collection of items not normally on display at the main museum at Covent Garden. It is occasionally open for general viewing and special events, and on the weekend of March 8th/9th 2008 it held a "Transport in Minature" event where working models of tube trains and trams etc. were on display; and amazing they were!

Tube trains, buses, trolleybuses, trams, service vehicles of all types, the first Routemasters and the FRM; they are all here!  From bus stops and other signage to the historical maps of London, as displayed to the then traveling public, show a wonderful social history (well in excess of 100 years) of London and its environs. The collection serves to demonstrate some of the vast complex workings that, behind the scenes, created the transport infrastructure that has served the public.

Museum Depot

Below are some of the images I took.  For expedience I haven't annotated them but just click on an image for a larger one.  

If anyone would like a copy of any image, I would be pleased to supply a high quality image for private purposes in return for a charitable donation to  "The Friends of London's Transport Museum" (Registered Charity 285178, Friends Office, London Transport Museum, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7BB).  Please note that I retain copyright and if the image is to be used for commercial and/or public display purposes I would make an additional charge that would go to support the costs of operating this website.