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The the three high resolution pictures of the Italian Vehicle Designs of 1952 (Each zip file is approximately 280k).

The full text of the Commercial Vehicle Test on the Birch Taxi by Modern Transport Magazine.

Birch Diesel Taxi Commercial Vehicle Test

The full text of page two of the advertisement for the FX3 Diesel Conversion by Birch Brothers.

The Birch Diesel Conversion Ad Page 2 Text

The full text (as near as possible to originally presented) of Hayward, Biggs & Hill' Memorandum and Articles of Association.

HBH Memorandum & Articles of Association

Alf Hill's early car designs.

Early car design

Armstrong Sidderley 20HP

Alf Hill's test pieces for entry to the Drawing Office

October 1934

December 1934

PRV Body Numbers (B34565-B34634) Pre-1956 (Incomplete)

PRV Body Numbers (B34844-B39999) Pre-1956 (Incomplete)

PRV Body Numbers (B40001-B62604) 1956-1980

ROE Body Numbers (G04501-G09707) 1959-1984 (Incomplete)