Site Access - for Visitors

Apart from the regular "Times New Roman", "Arial" and "Verdana" fonts, two other more unusual fonts, are used on this site.  If you do not have these fonts you my download them here: Copperplate Gothic Bold and Old English Text MT

This site is best viewed with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  Although, the site will work with almost any other Internet browser, some of the elements of the site may not work in quite the same way.  As browsers develop they should remain backward-compatible with previously written websites but this is not always the case and finding ways around the changes is not always straightforward, or possible.

The following list of recommended browser configurations is to help my visitors gain the most from this site.  Some are mandatory as the site will not work without them, the others you may find useful.

Parameter settings are given for Microsoft's Internet Explorer (Version 7/8): 






The site uses Javascript for features unavailable in HTML - in particular email links will not function without Javascript enabled. 

Tools/Internet Options/Security/Internet Zone
Set to Medium-High or if Custom Level set 'Active Scripting' to Enable



Cookies are not used on this site.

Tools/Internet Options/Privacy
Set to Medium-High or if Custom Level click Sites and add "" without the quotes and click 'Allow'

Pop-Up Blocker


Pop-up windows are no longer used on this site except for some image display services.

Tools/Internet Options/Privacy
Clear the 'Turn on Pop-up Blocker' box or in settings add "*" without the quotes and click 'Add'

Status Bar Display 


The site uses the status bar to display messages, though this only works in a few browsers.

Tools/Internet Options/Security/Internet Zone
Click Custom Level the set 'Allow status bar updates via script' to Enable
The main site uses HTML Frames and navigation is simplified by clicking the links to the left.
Where pertinent, links will also be found within the pages.
All thumbnail images are 'clickable' for a larger image.