Services Policy

This site is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

Some services are provided by external providers that are supported by advertising.  The following describes my policy: 

Visitor Counter

EXTERNAL: Unlike many other website counters that count pages (or frames) accessed, which often gives a very false impression of a website's popularity, the counter employed here has been configured to be as true a Visitor Counter as is possible to achieve.  Each PRV website page is a "frameset" (i.e. made up of several frames - frames are separate HTML pages) and only the "banner" frame contains the counter software so we don't cheat by counting each frame.  Also the counter is only incremented once for each two-hour user session and search engines don't overly affect the counter either as they typically examine frames individually without recourse to the "banner frame".   

Guestbook Service

INTERNAL: The Guestbook service is internal but due to the potential of inappropriate messages being posted, all messages will be authorised. Unfortunately this will introduce a delay in a message appearing but I trust you will understand the need for this.

Links Service

INTERNAL: The Links service is internal. Please contact me to have a link considered for inclusion.


UNSUPPORTED: I no longer support a Forum.  After several years the Forum had only been used on three occasions and no responses to the postings occurred.  I have included the previous Forum entries in the Guestbook and I am happy to accept Forum-type postings to the Guestbook.

Mailing List

INTERNAL: The Mailing List (sign-up, removal and messaging) is now supported directly on my server using the open source 'PHP List' software and thus no longer relies on a third-party service.  All users of the earlier external service have been transferred to my server and their details have been deleted from the external service.


UNSUPPORTED: This site no longer supports the WebRing system; Yahoo, having totally misunderstood the reasoning behind webrings at the time it acquired the service, it centralised the service onto Yahoo's home page rather than the WebRing's home pages thus obviating much of the intrinsic value.  Yahoo then dropped the project.

Site Search

EXTERNAL: The external FreeFind service provides a periodic analysis of the search criteria entered by users.  This is extremely useful in identifying what visitors are looking for on the site and enables the tuning of keywords to more satisfy their needs.  So please do use the search service and if it doesn't help this time you may find it more so on your next visit.  Please be assured that no personal information is, or can be, collected.

General Note

Please appreciate that sometimes genuine URL's (website pages) are 'hijacked' by irresponsible people who introduce auto-transfer code to route the visitor to other service(s).  This is a most despicable act and there is no easy way to 'police' it.

Should anyone find that they are routed inappropriately or find objectionable content posted to these services, then I would be grateful to receive an email and I will take action to eradicate it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.