Site Bulletin

June 07

Periodically, items of transient interest will be included here.


Important notice for previous visitors.

During June I moved the domain names PRV.ORG.UK and HBH.ORG.UK to a new service provider.  This has enabled some technical improvements to the site's operation that have been installed.  Previous visitors may find that, due to some of the site's pages being stored in their Temporary Internet Files folder, the site may operate incorrectly.  Visitors affected by this are advised to delete the files in their Temporary Internet Files folder that will ensure that the site's data is properly refreshed.

In Microsoft's Internet Explorer the facility to delete these files can be found in TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS.  For other browsers please consult the associated HELP facilities.


Site Search facility.

This month I also added a new and improved Site Search facility.  This service is streamlined to help navigate the site and provides excellent feedback about what visitors are looking for.  This enables me to modify text and keywords to help future visitors gain as much as possible from this website and I welcome comments regarding it.  Please be assured that no personal information is, or can be, collected.