Site Bulletin

Site Bulletin - October 2006

Announcement - This site has moved to a new server!

I'm pleased to announce that this website has moved to a new web-hosting service under a new umbrella domain that is owned by myself so it should not have to change again in the future.  You can continue to access the site using the access domain address:

I'm always pleased to consider reciprocal links and, if you wish, you may always link to my site using the access domain.  If however you prefer to link to a specific item then please let me know and I shall implement a special link for you that I can guarantee to work into the future.  Linking to an item by researching the sub-domain and frames on my site might not work forever!

If you already link to my pages using either:
or the more recent

these should be changed as these services will be terminated within the next three months.  Please contact me if you are linking via either of these sub-domains and I shall provide a new permanent link.

Whilst I have taken every care in converting the website, there may be some images, links and other items that might fail and I would very much appreciate any visitor finding a broken link etc. letting me know.

The new hosting service will enable me to add new features to the website that the previous hosting service disallowed.  I have some thoughts for enhancements but if anyone has any ideas that could make the site more useful I shall be pleased to hear.

I'm willing to consider commercial facilities on the website and this would help in recovering the actual costs of operating the site.  Should these features ever materialise I would be grateful for the financial support and any excess (wishful thinking) would be donated to charity.

This website remains non-profit making and will always be so!

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope to hear from any of my visitors.

Best Wishes

Graham Hill