Site Bulletin

Site Bulletin - March 2006

It is coming up for two years since the redesign of the website and the introduction of a site visit counter; and to now have more than doubled the number of visitors in the first year is great.  Thank you all for visiting.  And please tell your friends so we might just get over the 10,000 mark by the end of this year!  Note: It is a true visit counter and I don't fiddle it!

Please see the Archived Bulletin August 2005 review for updates to then; but since August we have introduced a new page dedicated to PRV Works pictures that our visitors can send in.  Now so far only two of you out there have done this - come on everyone surely you can find some long lost pictures of PRV's works somewhere.  I'd be so pleased to see them and put them on the site.

Tony Scott sent in a great article on the outing of the FRM on the occasion of the Routemaster Day at Cobham Bus Museum on October 30th.  

Click here for the article and pictures about the day "The FRM at Routemaster Day"

And very recently Bill Munro's book "A Century of London Taxis" has been published.  See the Birch Taxi page for details and/or click below to search Google.

A Century of London Taxis
ISBN: 1861267622
 The Crowood Press (January 27th 2006)